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Du Fin Matois Gastenboek


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Entries: 24
20.07.2008 17:26, Nina Palmu from Finland E-mail Homepage :
Congratulation for your success in Finland!!
Hope you had nice trip home.
See y, Nina

18.07.2008 12:33, Carin Homepage :
Congrats to the World Winners title. I'm honoured to know the fantastic Hope and that she lived here for a week together with you.
Good luck in Finland. I hope to get in contact with you when I think you (Jerry) forgot your jacket here.

11.07.2008 16:18, Piia Salonen E-mail Homepage :
Congratulations to beautiful WW-08 Hope! She is really nice girl.
Greetings from Finland, Piia+JWW-08 Pjotr Deabei

05.07.2008 14:38, Iselin Wang from Norway E-mail Homepage :
Big congratulations to Hopes fantastic result at WW-08 :) Beautiful lady, and a good choice male you have picked for next breeding ;)
Best regards from Norway,
Iselin Wang
kennel Nizhoni

04.07.2008 13:44, Randi & Lars Asper from Norway E-mail Homepage :
Contratulations to Hope - World Winner 2008 and Best of Breed Tervueren in Stockholm!!!
We are so proud to have her daughter - Jewell sends her greetings!
Look forward to your visit
Randi & Lars & Jewell

27.04.2008 20:05, Carin Homepage :
Congrats to the success in Norway today. Jewell seems to be a very nice little girl. I'm so excited to meet with her.
C U soon.

21.04.2008 18:34, Silvia Grimm Homepage :
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Greetings from Germany,
i was here again,very good Dogwebsite and wonderful Dogs,
Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

19.02.2008 13:54, Randi & Lars from Noooorwegen E-mail Homepage :
Hello, friends,
Jewell was BOB puppy last Sunday.
The judge liked her so much, and continued praising her even after the judging was done.
Jewell is so alert, and real fun to show.

05.02.2008 11:36, Angelique E-mail Homepage :
Je gastenboek doet het prima!
Ik kwam even voorbij om te kijken wat voor prachtige vent je voor Hope hebt uitgezocht. Dat worden hele mooie 'rooie'!!!
Heel veel succes met de dekking en hopen op gezonde pups!
Groetjes Angelique

01.02.2008 17:23, Liek (Hautesse) E-mail Homepage :
Het gastenboek werkt ..jammer dat er geen foto's van Hayley op je site staan!

Groetjes en tot forums!

Page: < 1, 2, 3 >
Entries: 24
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